Temperature Gauge

Temperature Gauges

BMT Bimetal Temperature Gauges

Mass® BMT Temperature Gauge operating on the Bimetal coil principle meets the general industrial and OEM temperature measurements.

Size: 63mm, 100mm, 150mm
Accuracy:Class 1 (EN-13190)
Range:-50 to 400 °C, -80 to 750°F
Wetted Material:SS316L

GTS Gas Filled Temperature Gauges

Mass® GTS inert gas actuated Temperature Gauge is a reliable instrument that can fit in to variety of applications. Features include rugged construction, fast response time, high repeatability, small hysteresis and electrical contacts.

Size: 100mm, 115mm, 150mm
Accuracy:Class 1 (EN-13190)
Range:-50 to 500 °C, -80 to 950°F
Wetted Material:SS316L


MTS, Mercury Filled Temperature Gauges

Size: 100mm, 150mm
Accuracy: Class 1 (EN-13190)
Range: -38 to 650 °C, -35 to 1200°F
Wetted Material: SS316L